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Chris facilitates transformative space for people and groups that know there’s more

As a speaker, coach, and consultant:

Chris’ favorite thing is to be with an individual, couple, family, or team and help them:
—align daily decisions with their deepest values (and their “why”)
—activate their undiscovered dream
—access their most powerful inner resources
—adapt to inevitable change and transition
…with someone who will tell the truth in a compassionate, caring way


“You gave me my soul back at work.”


Joshua, Director of Human Value (HR), San Luis Obispo, CA


“[My] inspiration is at an all time high—it all started after our meeting. It’s been some craziness over the last four weeks!”

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Adam, CEO, Pismo Beach, CA


Ready to have a conversation that could change everything?


Some of Chris’ fantastic clients:


Meet Chris:

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Chris uses his Adaptability, Relator, Activator, Input, and his number one strength, Belief, to facilitate transformative space for individuals, managers, teams, leaders, couples, and families.

Chris has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Adult Learning and Development, and over the last 15 years has coached or trained groups on every inhabited continent.

He incorporates CliftonStrengths, energy management techniques, and other leadership resources to help individuals thrive and to help groups of people celebrate, champion, and channel the best of themselves and one another towards their biggest goals and deepest values.


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