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If you’ve ever read any of the Old Testament, you’ve probably noticed that it’s full of wars, destruction, human and animal sacrifices, and many stories that can make your stomach turn. If you’ve read any of the New Testament, you’ve seen that Jesus comes on the scene with a message of peace, reconciliation, servanthood, and sacrificial love.

Why such a dramatic difference? Can we bridge the gap between the God of the Old Testament, who almost annihilated the entire human race, commanded wars and demanded sacrifices, and Jesus, who let himself go to his brutal death in place of the human race, opposed violence and became the ultimate sacrifice? This ebook explores some aspects of what bridging that gap might look like, pulling examples from parenting, marriage, friendship, LOST, and the Bible itself.

More to the Story first provides a new framework for understanding the whole story of the Bible, in a way that brings cohesion to seemingly contradictory portrayals of God. In part two we look at specific passages, such as the flood, the tower of Babel, and explore how they can be seen in a different light.

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