Strengths Coaching for the Individual

Through discovering your unique talents we can help you step into your most potent areas of potential. Whether you want to position yourself for the best career and know how to leverage your talents for optimal success or how to use them to influence co-workers knowing your strengths can help you.

Knowing your strengths will also help you to enrich your relationships with those around you. Loved ones and friends. Know what drains you, what refreshes you.

Coaching Packages

(RE)-Discover YOU

- Includes Assessment

- 90 minute consultation discussing your unique strengths.  Overview and understanding of your strengths. How this plays out into how you make decisions, what your natural tendencies are, how to leverage these for maximum fulfillment in life.

Only $147

Your Strengths & Beyond!

- Includes Assessment - 3 Sessions with Chris: Go deeper into each topic described below:

Session 1:  Overview and understanding of your top 5 strengths. How this plays out into how you make decisions, what your natural tendencies are, how to leverage these for maximum fulfillment in life. (1 hour). Session 2: Margin, life rhythm and pacing, sustainability, values, priorities. (1 hour). Session 3: Energy management dynamics in relation to your personal top strengths. (1 hour).

Only $297

Common Questions:

How do I take my assessment? Upon scheduling & payment for your session you will receive an email with instructions and a PIN # to use to take your assessment online. Assessment cost is included in your coaching fee.

When should I take my assessment? As soon as you would like, but mandatory that it is completed 48 hours before your scheduled consultation.

I bought the 3 session package, how close are the sessions scheduled? Ideally we will schedule your 3 sessions over a 6 week period, but if you need to schedule them closer/further apart we can arrange that. There is a lot to take in and we understand that you are busy, so this will allow time for you to process what you have learned and know what questions you may like to bring into the next session. The first 10-15 minutes of sessions 2 & 3 will be open for you to ask questions pertaining to your previous sessions.

What if I would like to continue learning about my strengths after our coaching is done? As a way to connect with us, and others who have also gone through this coaching we do offer a private Inner Circle group which you can join in for a monthly fee of $27. In this group we communicate about ongoing questions as you discover your strengths, and move forward. The group has a monthly focus, for example: communication, work relationships, energy management, etc and how our strengths affect each area. We keep discussions on topic so we can really dive into a deeper understanding of how to live out of our strengths. Also, if you have completed the initial 90 minute and/or 3 coaching sessions you may schedule more one on one sessions with Chris for the hourly rate of $127.

Can I see my full 34 strengths? Yes, but it's pivotal that you do so with a scheduled session with Chris. We can discuss details in a follow up after your initial session. The reason being, there are so many talents/strengths and without proper understanding of each of them it can actually throw you a little to see your bottom 5. Chris can walk you through what they are, and how you leverage your top 10 in order to compensate for your bottom 5.

How/Is this different than traditional counseling? Chris is not a psychiatrist. This coaching is focusing on how to better understand yourself based on your unique talents. We focus on how you are wired, how you think, how you tick, what you need to feel accomplished, what you crave to be known for, etc. If you are looking to talk long term about addictions, behavioral issues, suicidal thoughts, and items pertaining to those concerns we recommend you find a local counselor to meet with.

What if I have to reschedule? After appointment time and date are scheduled you may only make a change if you contact us within 72 hours of your appointment and rescheduled date/time must be set then. Only 1 reschedule allowed.

Cancellation Policy- If you should have to cancel your session you may receive a full refund minus the cost of your assessment if the request to cancel is received via email 3 business days before your scheduled appointment. We are not responsible for internet glitches, if you are meeting via Skype or an online platform please make sure your internet and computer are up to standards to conduct the session.