Strengths-based Coaching to create connection instead of collision


How can you meet your partner's needs if you don't know what they are?

How can they express their needs if they don't know what they are?

Are you tired of dealing with arguments over and over about different things but in the same way? Not sure where to start in re-connecting with your partner to create the intimacy you long for? Feeling like nothing you do is ever good enough? Guys, are you sick of feeling like who you are isn't enough for her? Women, are you tired of feeling like he doesn't understand you?

Maybe you feel like your relationship is healthy, but you know that there's so much more for you to discover about your partner, and you want more clarity as to how to really meet their needs. StrengthsCoaching can help you learn how to work better with your partner when it comes to building your dreams and future, parenting your children, and serving your community. Equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding to truly know your partner and create a long-lasting, enjoyable relationship.

What is Strengths Coaching?

Instead of asking the question "what is wrong with you?", and focusing on fixing it, StrengthsCoaching focuses on discovering what is right with you, and building on it. Based on decades of research, and assessed online through your response to a series of statements, the Clifton StrengthsFinder tool uncovers both you and your partner’s top 5 out of 34 possible talent themes. Based on the results, in our sessions we will help you both discover more about who you are, including: how and why you think/feel/and behave certain ways; why you react/respond the way you do to certain people/situations/things; what some of your most significant needs are as a person; and your most powerful areas of potential strength.

We focus on how to leverage your strengths to create a happy and fulfilled marriage.


Even if you've already taken the StrengthsFinder assessment and you know your top 5 talent themes, there is so much more to be unpacked. StrengthsFinder is infinitely complex, because you are infinitely complex. Strengths finder gives us language to communicate our needs, wants, longings, thoughts, feelings, fears, and actions, so that we can understand ourselves and one another that much better.

Ready to get stronger in your relationship? Want more tools to know:

  • How to better communicate with each other

  • Why your partner acts and reacts certain ways (and why you do as well)

  • How to understand your partner’s strengths and how to help them operate in them

  • How to support one another better in work, parenting, and life in general


Which level of investment is best for what you want out of your relationship?

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3 month relationship tune-up

Get unstuck and spark new levels of intimacy, understanding, connection, and appreciation. Gain new tools for enhanced relationship satisfaction that you can build on…



6 month relationship strengthening

Build upon the strengths awareness to enhance communication, increase trust, strengthen your support of one another, and clarify and articulate your needs and desires…



12 month relationship development

Embed new habits so that ongoing understanding, connection, joy, and intimacy become the new normal for you and your partner…


Still have questions about what StrongCouples Coaching is all about, or if it’s right for you?

My wife and I had the opportunity to take the StrengthsFinder test and have Chris evaluate and discuss the results. The test was affirmation of the way we are wired and how we can use our inborn natural ability to enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. For me, being able to recognize my wife’s strengths and how we as a couple can facilitate her gifts was exciting. The approach of finding our strength and not focusing on our weaknesses was refreshing and a positive experience. Chris was very informative as to how our strengths can work off other strengths to mold a unique and collective set of skills that are distinctive to each person. Chris demonstrated a keen insight into each of the strengths and how we would expect those traits to manifest themselves in our families, workplaces, and community.

Stephen and Jennifer, San Clemente, California

My husband and I have learned so much so far in our StrengthsFinder coaching sessions with Chris. We are growing closer together as we gain greater understanding, not only of ourselves, but of one another. We are learning to extend grace much more readily as our expectations of the other are much more realistic. Also, I have noticed that relationships outside of my marriage have been helped. I spend less time comparing myself to others! I am grateful that we have found Chris and StrengthsFinder.

Jane & Ed, Central Coast, California