Transformational coaching for your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength(s).

  • Pursue your passion

  • Define and align with your values

  • Discover your purpose

  • Execute your vision of a life lived intentionally

    …living each day with a sense of purpose and alignment

  • Level-up your mental game

  • Upgrade your framework of faith/spirituality

  • Foster your creativity

  • Enhance your clarity

    …living a thriving, abundant thought life

  • Prioritize self+soul care

  • Honor compassionate boundaries

  • Grow in relational wisdom

  • Enhance emotional awareness and equilibrium

  • Cultivate belonging

    …living a soulful, joyful life

  • Dial in your diet

  • Maximize your movement

  • Get sufficient sleep

  • Value rest and rhythm

    …living fully energized, and functioning at full capacity

Plus identify areas of your life that are draining your energy, where you need margin, and how to find the balance of caring for yourself and giving of yourself to what matters.
*All of our work together will be informed by and utilizing your CliftonStrengths, channeling the best of you towards what matters most!

Which investment into your well-being is right for you, right now?:

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Desiring to engage at your full capacity?  Ready to align who you are in all areas of your life?   

Let's INTEGRATE habits of wholeness with all four areas of your life to experience the fullness of freedom and joy!

12 month transformational coaching journey

—Three- hour “Find Your WHY” purpose discovery session
—Four half-day deep coaching intensives
—24 60-minute whole-person coaching sessions (averaging 2x/month)

Includes CliftonStrengths Full34 coaching


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Ready to feel grounded?  Wanting to be rooted in who you are? 

Let's CULTIVATE some new habits in one or two key areas of your life that can serve you well for the rest of your life!

3 month holistic coaching experience

—Three- hour “Find Your WHY” purpose discovery session
—Six 60-minute whole-person coaching sessions (2 sessions a month)

Includes CliftonStrengths Full34 coaching


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Feeling stuck?  Burned out?  Searching for purpose or identity?      

Let's ACTIVATE what's already in you to build some momentum for your well-being!

1 month catalytic coaching

Two 90 minute transformative coaching sessions, where we take your top 5 CliftonStrengths and apply them towards the most important aspect of your well-being in this moment.


Still not sure which option is right for what you need?

What’s it’s been like for others:

Chris helped me find the answers I was looking for and helped me get to the root of my real questions. He gave me hope and a way forward, where I had felt lost, overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless.
— Matthew, Colorado Springs, CO
Chris’ coaching has greatly influenced my growth and my ability to understand myself. He has an extensive understanding of Strengths and the ability to ask questions that challenge me and cause me to look at things with new perspective. Especially throughout my ongoing process of transition, Chris has been a steady voice providing clarity, guidance and a listening ear. I have felt incredibly validated and supported as he draws from his own personal experience and partners with the Holy Spirit to help me process and move forward.
— Jenna C., Dallas, Texas
Sometimes it isn’t clear to me where I am stuck or what I need to get unstuck or even that I am stuck. But Chris met me where I was and held space for me to share in a very real way—a way that was often raw and unprocessed! He quickly earned my trust, offered some solid feedback, and suggested practical action steps that really helped me get unstuck. Chris pulls from a variety of known and reputable works to deliver a solid, holistic approach to coaching. He has a deep understanding of CliftonStrengths and is able to identify talents/strengths in action. This helped me see how my strengths were showing up for me and where I could better leverage them for my own well-being.
— Tiffany F., Richmond, Virginia