Chris is an international speaker and trainer, and an internationally trained Strengths Coach


Chris is a Strengths Coach, Teacher, Husband, Father, Community Architect, Catalyst, World Traveler, & Graduate Student.

Originally from central California, after eight years of working internationally based out of Denver, Colorado, and five years in China, he now resides in Morro Bay, California.

Chris travels and speaks on various topics that include cross-cultural communication, public speaking and teaching, leadership, holistic wellness, God's nature and character, and God's healing love.

He believes that relationships are the most important thing in the universe because at the core of the universe is a God that is relationship.

Strengths Coaching:

In 2013 Chris was certified as an internationally trained Strengths Coach. He does Strengths training for businesses, churches, couples, and individuals. He believes that every individual has something unique and indispensable to bring to the table, and that when we are freed up to live out of our deepest selves, working alongside others we can change our communities and the world. His top 11 Strengths are: Belief, Activator, Input, Adaptability, Relator, Futuristic, Learner, Restorative, Command, Self-Assurance, & Responsibility.

Personal Interests:

Chris reads frequently and widely on topics such as: Community Dynamics, Leadership, Energy Management, Human Potential, Mission, & Theology. Chris enjoys: Soccer, Ping-pong, Tennis, Snowboarding, & Skateboarding to keep himself active. He is the JV boys soccer coach at Morro Bay High School.

Fun Facts:

  • Chris speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese
  • He has traveled to 40+ countries
  • He has lectured or trained people in missions, leadership, and theology on every continent (except Antarctica, which he hopes will happen someday)
  • He helped pioneer the snowboard industry in a city of 8 million people in central China
  • He lectured in Chinese universities on holistic wellness
  • His diet is gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, & about 40 other foods free which he feels is quite inconvenient but very worthwhile to support the healing/health of his body
  • He is passionate about Teaching and Training, Trinitarian Theology, and Sustainable Leadership